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On-Premise Wine Distribution Report

2011 Winemetrics On-Premise Wine Distribution Report   Available Now!

The 2011 edition of our report is based on wine list data compiled from November 2011 to Febriary, 2012 and includes 2011-2010 trend analysis. Purchasers of the multi-user version of this report will also receive a supplemental distribution report on all major brands in their portfolios.


595.00 for single-user report - bound copy, printed on demand, please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Please contact to order.

895.00 for multiple user copy (for unlimited internal use within your organization) PDF document with supplemental custom data files which will provide additional details regarding all of the major brands in your portfolio.

New! Restaurant Edition now available.

199.00 for single user bound report Designed for the restaurant wine buyer, this edition lists all of the leading producers by brand, variety and price without the costly trend analysis. 2011 data only.

Download an excerpt of this report here.

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Available for purchase now!

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2011-12 Winemetrics Chain Restaurant Report                        

Analysis of 160 casual, upscale casual and fine dining chains wine lists are offered inthis report, representing over 8000 accounts nationwide. Each chain is evaluated for the selection, diversity and value of its wine selection against its competitive set and distribution recommendations are provided. Includes distribution by supplier information. Chains representing 70% of overall units were updated in Q2, 2012. Over 1000 pages of unique on-premise analysis found nowhere else.. Please download an excerpt below..

3495.00 for multiple-users report as a PDF file with supplemental Excel files.. That represents a cost of less than $22 per chain.

2495.00 for multi-user report, All segments: Casual, Upscale Casual and Fine Dining PDF only.


1995.00 Casual and Upscale Casual - 127 chains

 795.00 Upscale Casual and Fine Dining - 72 chains

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Available Now

with completely updated 2011-2012 wine list data


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