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Winemetrics Trilogy™ Presentation - Download here.

Trilogy™ is a client specific report created from the data in Winemetrics' On-Premise Wine Distribution Report, Supplier Report and Chain Restaurant Report. It provides on-premise SWOT analysis for client portfolios and individual brands and reveals distribution opportunities for client products among the 160+ chains and restaurant groups we survey. The advantage of Trilogy™ over our annual reports is that we offer chain data updates twice a year and the cost can actually be lower than purchasing our three individual annual reports.

Download an excerpt of our 2011-12 Winemetrics Chain Restaurant Report

Over 1000 pages analyzing the wine lists of 160 national and regional restaurant chains. This year's edition includes Fine Dining Chains and features Supplier share by chain and segment. Winemetrics Price Index a comparative ranking of a wine lists pricing vis a vis its account type.

Download an excerpt of this report here.


Download our 2011 Winemetrics On-Premise Wine Distribution Report Excerpt

This 120+ page report supplies 2010-2011 trend analysis of on-premise distribution by region, variety and brand. It is based on wine list data compiled from over 160 national and regional chains and restaurant groups which collectively comprise over 8000 accounts nationwide.

Download an excerpt of this report here

Download a Sample of Winemetrics Wine List Report Card.                                                 

One of 160 chain wine lists we have analyzed for our 2011Chain Restaurant Report. Each list is compared with others in its segment in 7 categories and over 30 individual features. It is the most objective and comprehensive wine list analysis available.

Download an sample of ths report here.          



Download our 2011 Winemetrics Supplier Report Excerpt

The only report that quantifies the on-premise power of a supplier's wine portfolio! Tracking the top 50 suppliers on-premise, our Supplier Report provides a visual SWOT analysis of each supplier portfolio, revealing the supplier's strength by brand, variety and price.

Download an excerpt of this report here.

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