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Wine List Analysis

“Winemetrics provides a unique and extremely effective wine list analysis service, based on proprietary competitive set information.  Winemetrics’ Wine List Analysis Report evaluates our wine list by region, variety, price and even supplier share. The most valuable and unique aspect of this analysis is that I get to see what my competition is doing. All of the analysis is based on Winemetrics’ extensive on-premise reporting system which is the most comprehensive on-premise information I have ever encountered. I enthusiastically endorse the competitive insights and value provided by Winemetrics.”

Gerald Pulsinelli, Wine and Spirits Director, Firebirds Restaurants


Interested in seeing how your wine list compares to your competition? We offer two solutions for restaurateurs.the first is our WIne List Report Card which is explained in the subsequent section and can be accessed here.

The second is our Wine List Analysis Report which compares an account's list against its competitve set in the areas of wine list size, supplier share, pricing, regional diversity and varietal composition both by-the-bottle and by-the-glass. Our list of chains that we have wine list analysis data for can be accessed here.  Should your chain not be among those listed, we can do a custom report for a nominal upcharge. The endorsement above from Gerald Pulsinelli is based on the Wine List Analysis Report provided to Firebirds Restaurant.


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